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CAP XGC-1 Xtreme Greenhouse Controller
CAP XGC-1 Xtreme Greenhouse Controller [XGC-1]
CAP Extreme Greenhouse Controller is all its promises and more. Indoor gardeners can relax knowing their gardens are in good hands with this smart, powerful unit. The Controller handles every aspect of an indoor garden, from lights to air to CO2 and features: 24-hour time-clock 2 outlets for HID or fluorescent lights, 2 outlets for exhaust fans, thermostat and humistat for temperature and humidity control, hydroponic outlets and adjustable recycling timer for water pumps, 'night' outlet for when lights are off and 2 timers for CO2 supplementation. Not only does the Controller include so many helpful features, it also ensures CO2 production shuts off when are running and can attach to the CO2 PPM Monitor, for monitoring CO2 levels and making it that much more complete. The Extreme Greenhouse Controller also has the added benefit of Fuzzy Logic technology. Fuzzy Logic lets the user stop worring about using supplemental CO2 by removing the guesswork.The Fuzzy Logic feature brings CO2 up to the desired level without going over the desired amount. Offer your customers this powerful controller today! Unit is rated for 15 amps at 120 volts. Controller carries a 3-year warranty.


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