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Bad Boy T5  Quantum 4 bulb
Bad Boy T5 Quantum 4 bulb [BBT5-4]

 The 4 ft. X 4 Lamp unit is approximately 4 ft x 1 ft. Shipping box size is 9in.x 5in.x 50in. The real trick to the unit is it will give up to 50% more lumens at 6 in. and 1 ft away from the plants. This is a big change. The lumens are driven more consistent farther away from the fixture. Several news improvements on these fixtures will increase the lumen output even more. The Quantum Bad Boy™ units are driving the lamps 28.6% harder.

From all of the field tests in the past coming in from friends and clients, they indicated the problems with the past T5 units were that they would produce nice fruit but it was half the size. Fruits were perfect but miniature. The color and light quality is much closer to regular daylight or outside sun resulting in tighter internodal spacing, thicker stem-wall, heartier foliage, increase in plant oils and more production. It enhances the characteristics of each specific plant mimicking sunlight's natural spectrum and intensity.

  • Finally Full Cycle lights for year round production (Quantum Triphosphor) 54W. T5 Lamps
  • High Output Lamp: 93.5 lumen per watt for 2900 K Lamp
  • High Output Lamp: 88 Lumen per watt for 6500 K Lamp
  • Super High output hyper-driven lamps and fixtures define optimum production from start to finish.
  • Unique folding structure: Ultra compact size for shipping and ultra light weight to operate.
  • Universal input voltage: The ballast can operate from 120V. To 277V. 50HZ. Or 60HZ.
  • Where size, output, performance, and production meet.
  • Vented Reflector - Eliminate the heat. Drive the lumens and not the heat.
  • Vented Ballast housing: Keeps ballast running cool and extends ballast life.
  • Unique Lamp spacing- more uniform and panel light, better than HPS point light.
  • U.S.A. Utility patent pending
  • Bulbs Sold separately-Quantum Triphosphor Lamps


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